Last night was the evening activity the Juniors and Teens have all been waiting for... GET YOUR OWN BACK!

This was the students' chance to compete in challenges against a member of staff of their choice, and if they won to choose a special forfeit for that staff member...

Students were selected from the crowd by the spotlight, and those brought up on stage had to answer a question for the chance to compete.

 Our successful student host then had to score penalties past Activity Leader Alex... in an enormous goal... with cushions strapped to his arms and legs.

 Needless to say, she got her own back with a huge cream pie!

Next up, Avner defeated Social Director Tom in the Human Hoover challenge, where they had to transfer peas to a plate using a straw. 

This time, he opted for the egg as his forfeit of choice...

The crowds then gathered outside to see Heather and Jakub battle it out in the target challenge

The aim of the game was to protect your target from water balloons thrown by your opponent. 

 Excellent work Jakub...

Now time to get your own back!

 This time it was the flour... Sorry Heather!

 Our next candidates had to do an elephant impression on stage in order to be picked. Hmmm...

This challenge was 'Running Water', where Adrien and Dan had to transfer as much water as they could into their buckets. Dan, is that a hole in your cup?...

Adrien cruelly selected the ice water as his punishment!

But the big question is, who would get gunged at the end?
Could it be the very man stirring it?...
Hard luck Pete!