Week Four Presentations

This afternoon is 'Presentations'; all the students here at Radley are part of a Workshop group - working on a particular project over the week. The workshops this week were really varied and it was great to see all students putting their English presentation skills to the test. Well done all!

Makeup workshop: Teacher Julie and Ivette ran the makeup workshop -  the students painted each others faces - in styles like the Simpsons, Queens, Manga, Avatar, Aliens and many more!
Well done to all our models and creative painters.

The Great Debate: the students from Teacher Rich's workshop discussed live in the theatre which of six famous figures (including Isaac Newton and Abraham Lincoln) should survive and be allowed in the lifeboat. Great work from all - special mention to Janka who chaired the debate.

Lonely Planet: The students from Teacher Stuart's workshop presented Rio de Janeiro this week - and even ran a fun quiz live with all students in the theatre. Well done guys! - Really interesting and informative. 

Photo Story: Teacher Gosia ran a workshop where students gathered photos from the internet and then narrated a story verbally - stories included 'Forgiveness' and 'Luck'. The stories were very moving. 

Gliders: This workshop, ran by Teacher John, introduced the students to the world of aerodynamics. The students experimented with different designs of gliders, which they explained in a video-powerpoint, before designing, and making fully functioning gliders. Impressive work!

Amazing Castles: Teacher Isabel ran a new workshop this week called 'Amazing Castles' - the students built two castles - one in the design of a motte and bailey castle. The model looked amazing - it was really detailed and the presentation was both interesting and informative. Amazing work guys! 

Flashmob: Teacher Gillian ran a workshop called 'Flashmob' - yesterday, during lunch time, the students did a flashmob mash-up of five songs. It was really successful and took a lot of people by surprise! Well done to Student Host Holland who demonstrated the dance moves. 

Computer Programming: This workshop was ran by Teacher Nic; the programmes/games that were made in this workshop are on a lower post - so check it out and have a go! The games were great and there were some excellent ideas. We particularly enjoyed the 'hunger run' and also 'Flappy Fish' - great graphics by Evgenii!